Flux Capacitor

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Project summary

FLUX is a project that focuses on abundancy prediction for splice forms, transcripts and alternative splicing events from reads generated by applying new sequencing technologies (e.g., the Illumina Genome Analyzer, Roche 454-sequencing, etc. …) to RNA molecules extracted from a population of cells.

Site structure

As by the project naturally separates in two modules Flux Capacitor and the Flux Simulator, and both are described consequently on individual pages. Currently, the following pages are available:

Flux Capacitor Manual
Steadily growing manual for the Flux Capacitor.

Flux Simulator Manual
Already grown manual for the Flux Simulator.

File Formats
Generel overview about the used file formats.

Flux Forum
Here everybody can post, even without being logged in. You can leave your comment on existing discussions, or, start a new one.

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