Library (LIB) format

The format of LIB (Simulated Library) files is simple and condenses the information needed to describe a fragment (RNA or cDNA) of an original transcripts. Each line corresponds to one such fragments and in 3 tab-delimited fields the estart, eend in the spliced sequence (exonic) of the transcript with transcript_id of the original annotation.
Note: because the simuated transcription start and length of the poly-A tail may vary from the annotation in the reference, values for estart can drop below , and values for eend can take values higher than the transcript length.


estart eend transcript_id
1396 1623 uc001aaa.2
355 583 uc001aaa.2
-43 195 uc001aaa.2
407 635 uc001aaa.2
278 519 uc009vjk.1
330 562 uc009vjk.1
-99 136 uc001aaz.1
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